Sunny Spaces Art Contest Shine Your Light and Showcase your work!

Sunny Spaces Art Contest

Announcing our Sunny Spaces Art Contest Winners!

As a part of the City’s 25th anniversary in 2022, we wanted to shed light on our talented local artists. Our Sunny Spaces Art Contest gives local artists the opportunity to have a lasting impact on our community. Artists either painted or hand drew an original 8” x 8” piece, incorporating the theme of a sun in their artwork. 25 pieces of art were selected as winners via blind voting. These winning pieces are recreated as an art installation at Gateway Center, 151 Sunny Isles Blvd. Stop by Gateway Center and take a walk through the outdoor breezeway, now called the “Gateway Artway” to see the winning pieces of art. The top five winning pieces of art can also be found at various locations around Sunny Isles Beach. 

We are excited to introduce our Sunny Spaces Art Contest winners and showcase their work! 

Sunny Spaces Art Quest

The Sunny Spaces Art Quest is a scavenger hunt that will take you on a journey through Sunny Isles Beach to discover hidden artwork. The top five pieces from the Sunny Spaces Art Contest are waiting to be found in various public locations around the city. To uncover their whereabouts, you’ll need to solve a series of riddles!

If you discover a piece of art, snap a selfie with it and tag us on social media using #SIBArtQuest to share your discovery with the community. Enjoy the quest!

Sunny Spaces Scavenger Hunt Palm Card

Sunny Spaces Art Unveiling

Join us for the unveiling of the Gateway Artway, featuring the artwork of 25 talented local artists who participated in our Sunny Spaces Art Contest. Each artist has crafted an original piece, incorporating the theme of a sun. The unveiling will take place at our new art installation, Gateway Artway, located at Gateway Center, 151 Sunny Isles Blvd.

Celebrate with us as we unveil our city’s first public art installation.

When: Monday, April 15, 2024 at 6:00 PM 
WhereGateway Center, 151 Sunny Isles Blvd.

Painting of abstract beach and sun

Artist: Anilly Cona

Anilly Cona is a visual artist from Venezuela now living in Sunny Isles Beach. She finds inspiration in her life between New York City and Miami. She wants people of all ages to express themselves through art.




Photo of sun, water, and shark in a bottle

Artist: Taylor Waldroup

Taylor Waldroup is a self-taught artist living in Sunny Isles Beach since 2018. Waldroup has a passion for integrating nature and animals into artwork.




Photo of geometric circle art

Artist: Pipe Yanguas

Colombian American photographer and artist Pipe Yanguas, specializes in capturing people’s passion. His art is defined by the exclusive use of dots and lines, conveying the message “we are all connected.”




Sunset beach artwork.Artist: Ella Babakhanova

Sunny Isles Beach resident Ella Babakhanova, an artist and homeschooling mom, sees art as boundless self-expression. She believes art provides limitless freedom and inspiration to others.




Drawing of water and trees with a background of the cityArtist: Bella Sinelnikov

Bella Sinelnikov, drawn to the beach, resides in Sunny Isles Beach with her husband. Immersed in the close-knit Jewish-American community, she finds inspiration for her drawings in her grandchildren’s love for the beach.




Artwork of sunset with birdsArtist: Leida Gonzalez

Florida-based artist, Leida Gonzalez, has been working in various mediums, including painting and sculpture for the past 25 years.




Artwork of tree, flower and sunset on the beachArtist: Ana Milena Tamara

Colombian American artist, Ana Milena Tamara, uses her classical realism training to not portray the glories of the past, but the simple pleasures of modern life.




Artwork of pier with seagullArtist: Luis Eduardo Martinez Mejia

Painter and photographer Luis Eduardo Martinez Mejia, originally from Bogota, Colombia, resides in Sunny Isles Beach for the past four years.




Artwork of sunset with person on the beachArtist: Alicia Carrera

Mexican-born artist Alicia Carrera, fueled by a lifelong passion for the arts, discovered ample opportunities to pursue her artistic dreams upon relocating to South Florida.




Photo of beach and sky with birdsArtist: Pablo Martinez

Colombian-born artist Pablo Martinez, now a Sunny Isles Beach resident over three years, brings the vibrant spirit of Bogota to his creative endeavors.




Artwork of water with sunset that says Sunny IslesArtist: Shirley Ramirez Coll

Shirley Ramirez Coll, a proud Puerto Rican, holds degrees in Science, Graphic Design, and Television Production from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. A resilient individual, she embraces creativity and artistic passion, guided by her faith.




Artwork of woman with hat and sunglasses and the sun / water behind herArtist: Tony Mendoza

Tony Mendoza, a native of New York raised in Miami’s Little Havana, seeks to capture the spirit and vibrancy of South Florida in his artwork. His pieces have been showcased at galleries, museums, and art shows across Florida and various venues nationwide.




Artwork of sunset and water in the background of two city towersArtist: Daniel Podolan

South Florida native, Daniel Podolan, dedicates his art to spreading equality and love, embodying a passion that reflects his roots.




Artwork of beach and sun Artist: Daria Petrova

Artist Daria Petrova, with nine years of drawing experience, has showcased her work at prominent galleries, including the renowned Louvre.




Artwork of sun with glasses and face, riding a scooterArtist: Alexander Almarza

Sunny Isles Beach resident Alexander Almarza, residing in the City since 2016, considers it his happy place. For him, perseverance is an art, and art is his ongoing quest.





Art of big sun with boat on water and palm trees on sandArtist: Kabira Foster

Kazakh-born U.S. citizen Kabira Foster, a former architect from Astana, Kazakhstan, channels her love for art in the realms of painting and drawing, showcasing a unique blend of cultural influences.




Artwork of beach bag with towels, sun and beach, and rainbowArtist: Andrea Ceron

At just 7-years-old, Andrea Ceron dives into the worlds of swimming and drawing imaginary places. Her heart belongs to both her loving family and the thrill of travel.




Artwork of sun with face and sunglasses on, smilingArtist: Luis H. Garcia Pasara

For the past 19 years, Peruvian-born artist Luis H. Garcia Pasara has called Florida home. Embracing his passion for drawing and painting since childhood, he pursued studies in graphic design, evolving into a versatile artist adept in illustrations, cartoons, comics, and more.



Artwork of colorful sun with raysArtist: Olivia Rey

Olivia Rey is a 12-year-old student at Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach K-8. Born in Spain, now living in Sunny Isles Beach for the past five years, is a player at the SIB select volleyball team. She also finds joy in expressing herself artistically.




Artwork of water overlooking moon and cityArtist: Morea Fen

South Florida native Morea Fen is inspired from the unique natural environment of her upbringing. Her designs and illustrations reflect a deep appreciation for nature, where colors capture the hidden patterns and compositions found in the details.



Artwork depicting the Newport Fishing Pier on a sunny morning. Artist: Tammy Seiske

Tammy Seiske and her husband moved to Sunny Isles Beach from Wisconsin, after retirement. They vacationed here for 19 years and fell in love with the city. She is honored to have her art piece being presented in the city she holds close to her heart. Tammy’s favorite thing to do is sit on the beach and draw the beauty surrounding her.




Serene artwork of sun rising over ocean with palm trees on the side.

Artist: Maria Cristina Pontillo

Bio Coming Soon.




Artwork with large red sun rising over buildings.Artist: Elizabeth Tumpovskiy

Bio Coming Soon.




Artwork of caricature of manatee jumping out of water.Artist: Ana Bukhareva

Bio Coming Soon




Artwork of woman with face obscured by orange and red sunrays.Artist: Vanessa Charles

Vanessa Charles is an electric, eclectic, loud, and colorful artist. She is a self-taught artist from Haiti and moved to Miami in her teen years. While studying fashion, she gravitated towards art and illustration. Her specialty lies in fabric painting, especially denim clothing.




We wish all our contest winners success in their future endeavors! Thank you for your participation.