Condominiums in Sunny Isles Beach

The Condominium Registry Ordinance

By Dana Goldman, Commissioner

(Tuesday, December 31, 2019)Current and prospective owners of units in the City should have free, complete and immediate access to the condominium association records and documents of the condominiums that are located here. Despite some notable recent legislative reforms to make condominium associations more transparent and accountable to owners, including new website posting requirements, vexing condominium records and access issues remain.

Last month I introduced a proposed Ordinance, titled “Condominium Registry” which will require associations to register with the City and provide the City with important contact information, physical information and other documentation about the condominium, its manager, total number of units, assigned and unassigned parking spaces, governing documents, current financial statement and approved budget, status of completion of the 40-year recertification, and certificate of insurance, among other items, and the City will make the Condominium Registry available on its website. Full, fair and immediate electronic access to important records and documents will encourage the appropriate management, maintenance and operations of the 100+ condominiums located in our City. Shining a spotlight on issues in condominium living is both a personal passion and a professional mission.

If you would like a copy of the proposed Condominium Registry Ordinance, my email is and my direct phone number is 786.512.6364. Our residents deserve greater transparency, access and ease to information and records.