The Residents To Do List

By Dana Goldman, Vice Mayor

(Monday, January 2, 2017) – Clearly the favorite aspect of my re-election campaign has been the opportunity to personally meet and speak with our residents. During these past several months, and from all corners of our City, I met with hundreds of people. You took the time to tell me what is on your mind, to express your likes and dislikes, and to recommend impactful City-wide improvements.

Following my re-election, I prepared a detailed list of your comments and critiques, which I have dubbed the “Residents To-Do List.” On December 1, I presented the List to our City Management Team, City Attorney, and City Planner in an hours-long meeting, the first of many. This List encompasses a wide range of topics and issues, from the La Perla public parking spaces, to increasing Samson Park’s public beach chairs, school overcrowding, implementing a 24 hour-7 day code enforcement hotline, addressing short-term rentals, traffic patrol of “hot spots,” widening Atlantic Boulevard sidewalk, imposing fairer standards for closing out permits, the Seniors Center and the impact of the Publix demolition. These are a few of the initiatives to be explored and addressed during my tenure. With the help of my colleagues on the City Commission, we will be able to accomplish the goals on the Residents To-Do List and respond to your concerns.

Thanks for your earnest contributions to the Residents To-Do List. You spoke and I listened. If you haven’t yet reached me, please feel free to contact me at 305.792.1700 or at It’s time to get to work!