Credit Card being handed to clerk

Credit Card Fraud: Easier than you Think

By Dwight Snyder, Police Chief

(Saturday, January 25, 2020) – In today’s world of online banking, it’s rare to see people using currency for most purchases. Today we use the convenience of a debit or credit card to make even the most routine transactions such as for fast food, coffee, gasoline and grocery purchases. It’s not uncommon for parents to authorize these cards for their teenagers and college-bound students for living expenses. These spending trends have become normal in America, but have you ever thought how easy it would be to compromise these accounts by technologically savvy criminals?

Unfortunately, every time you lose sight of your credit card you risk having your account number scanned, cloned or otherwise compromised without your knowledge. Somewhere this very moment, an unsuspecting person is being notified about suspicious charges on their account, or worse, that their accounts have been completely drained.

The idea of not using our debit/credit cards does not sound like a practical solution, so the next best option is to learn how to protect your credit information. These are a few tips to keep your financial accounts protected.

  • Ensure your bank sets spending limits and immediately reports suspicious activity.
  • Never provide your card number online unless you know the site is reputable and secure.
  • If possible, use your credit cards for large purchases, as they can be disputed if a fraud has occurred.
  • Check your credit report regularly to ensure no unauthorized accounts are open, or check for more information.

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