Overall view of the SIB Government Center.

Introducing Two New Sunny Isles Beach Commissioners

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor

(December 29, 2018) – It is my privilege to introduce Jeniffer Viscarra and Alex Lama as the newest members of our Commission. Election years are always taxing, but term limits allow for fresh faces, fresh ideas, and fresh perspectives.

As a City that is growing, adapting and advancing, turnover in leadership is imperative to continually prosper as a forward-thinking City. Term limits provide an opportunity for a government by the people, to be run by our people. And our people are up to the task.

As members of the City Advisory Committee (CAC) and parents of children at the SIB K-8 School, both Commissioners are invested in the success and prosperity of Sunny Isles Beach, understanding the intricate details and elements that make up our great City. Elected on November 6, Jeniffer took office on December 5, and Alex will take office on January 3, one month after the runoff election on December 4.

Jeniffer, a lawyer and former professor, has been a Sunny Isles Beach resident for nearly 20 years, actively participating in our local politics. Her experience as the chair of the CAC allowed her to become a leading voice in our community advocating for residents and their families. Jeniffer’s knowledge and experience serve as the catalyst for her burgeoning political career.

Alex has lived in Sunny Isles Beach since 1988, before the City was even incorporated. Witnessing 30 years of growth and transformation, and with extensive experience in advertising and marketing, Alex is poised to offer sound and valuable guidance. During his time on the CAC, Alex provided insight into issues affecting our community and worked to solve important problems facing our residents.

Read more about Commissioner Viscarra’s impressive qualifications in her first article and stay tuned to hear from Commissioner Lama next month. I am honored to welcome them to the City Commission and look forward to seeing the positive contributions both will make on current and future City affairs.