Just Drive. April is distracted driving awareness month.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

(Sunday, April 2, 2023) – April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, a united effort to recognize and eliminate preventable deaths from distracted driving. The Sunny Isles Beach Police Department is committed year-round to keeping all residents and commuters safe on and off the road. Throughout the month, the City and the Police Department will be focusing efforts on educating the public about the dangerous repercussions of distracted driving.

In 2020, distracted driving killed 3,142 people.  April is a good time to regroup and take responsibility for the choices we make when we’re on the road. Follow these safety tips for a safe ride:

  • Need to send a text? Pull over and park your car in a safe location.
  • Designate your passenger as your “designated texter” to respond to calls or messages.
  • Do not scroll through apps while driving. Struggling not to text and drive? Put the cell phone in the trunk, glove box, or back seat of the vehicle until you arrive at your destination.

Though cell phones have become a necessity to most, using them while driving will only end in tragedy. Cell phones are not the only disturbance causing accidents. Distracted driving can include use of GPS systems and “infotainment” dashboards, and even passengers. “Infotainment” dashboards and hands-free technology, while convenient and thought of as safe, still pose threats to your concentration while driving and can distract your brain even long after you have used them.

Take safety in your own hands. Pledge to give up distractions while driving and keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Follow @SIBPD on Facebook and Twitter this month to learn more about how to eliminate distractions and become an alert driver.