View of residential houses and condominium complexes in Sunny Isles Beach.

Legislative Success

By Alex Lama, Commissioner

(Tuesday, July 30, 2019) – Recent legislative action, which falls into the win column for local government, was the defeat of SB 824 (Diaz) and CS/CS/HB 987, Short-Term Rentals. This bill would have taken away the right of local municipalities, including Sunny Isles Beach, to regulate short-term rentals in their communities.

With this bill, the state would have been responsible for the regulation of short-term rentals/ vacation rentals. Local governments would not have been able to regulate any type of rentals (not only short-term rentals), impose occupancy limits or require inspection or licensing. This is a success for Home Rule in which the Florida Constitution gives local government the right to enact local laws and solutions that best fit our communities.

Our city has two separate ordinances, which set forth the parameters for short-term rentals. In both cases, registration by the owner with the City is required. Ordinance 2009-339 regulates single-family detached dwellings, limiting them to four rentals per year. The single-family home rental license fee is $100 per instance. Ordinance 2018-522 sets the rules in multi-family buildings. The fee for multi-family building is renewable on a yearly basis by September 30 and starts at $210 for a basic license if there are no modifications to use or late fees on renewal.

To find out more about this registration and licensing process, please visit term-rentals.

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