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Message from the City: Police Department Updates

(Friday, February 25, 2022) – This month, Interim Chief Mike Grandinetti retired after 24 years of service with the SIBPD and many contributions to our community. Mike was with the City since the Police Department’s inception in 1998 and was part of its growth and success. We wish him all the best in his retirement.

Captain Edward Santiago was immediately appointed as Interim Chief. Eddie has also been with our PD from the beginning and is fully prepared to succeed in this role. He has more than 25 years of experience in law enforcement, first working for the Miami Shores PD in 1995 before joining the SIBPD in 1998. Throughout his career in Sunny Isles Beach, Eddie worked his way up the ranks from police officer to eventually becoming captain in 2020.

In his first week as Interim Chief, Eddie has already been active in our community, from hosting NSE/SIB K-8 students in the MDSPD Explorers program, providing them an opportunity to learn firsthand what a career in law enforcement is like, as well as participating in a Miami-Dade County Community Relations board meeting. The SIBPD prides itself on prioritizing its community policing approach and they will continue to expand community outreach during this transition and into the next era of the SIBPD.

“I look forward to taking on this new role,” says Interim Chief Eddie Santiago. “I am committed to maintaining the highest level of policing for the Sunny Isles Beach community.”

Eddie will work closely with the City Manager’s Office to expedite hirings and fill open positions throughout the department with the highest quality police personnel. We are working toward a Commission vote on a permanent Chief no later than May 2022.

At the last Commission Meeting, the City retained Architects Design Group (ADG), an expert in building police departments. They will conduct a feasibility study of our current building and two other city-owned properties to determine the best space for our PD, and present three options to the Commission by way of public workshops. We are also consulting with Paul O’Connell, a former police chief with over 40 years of experience in law enforcement to meet with all officers and personnel and assess the needs of the Police Department. Furthermore, we have contracted with a pedestrian safety and roadway consultant to work closely with our newly appointed Mobility and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee.

“As I continue to work more closely with our Police Department and better understand their needs to move this department forward, our officers have the full support of the Mayor, Commission and City Manager’s Office,” says City Manager Stan Morris. “We are working diligently to guarantee the department has all of the resources they need to best serve our community.”

The City will continue to provide status updates on the police department, our progress toward improved public safety, and other important changes that will impact our community.