Beach coastline and skyline on a clear day. Birds flying in the sky.

Practicing Good Citizenship

By Larisa Svechin, Commissioner

(Friday, January 26, 2018) – As residents and visitors of this magnificent City, who take pleasure in the natural beauty, the parks, and amenities, it is incumbent on each of us to practice good citizenship. Civilly monitoring public areas, sharing valuable information, or picking up a piece of trash every day, are just some examples of good citizenship.

The City of Sunny Isles Beach endeavors to raise the quality of life by both actively communicating to the residents as well as listening to resident needs. Often, residents ask me about park maintenance, street cleaning, garbage removal, and other quality of life questions. We are fortunate to have multiple departments that are each charged with their respectful specialty. Have you witnessed a street that needs cleaning, a messy construction site, or potentially hazardous situation? Did you know that street sweepers clean all our main streets three times a week? With so many parks and thousands of sprinklers, we have the sprinklers checked weekly—in Gateway Park we are testing a monitoring system that allows remote shut off if a sprinkler malfunctions. But sometimes, something breaks; debris falls off a truck on the road, or garbage is left on a private or public lot—immediately following an inspection. It is our task to call in or email concerns and comments. Some questions can be answered on the website

The best way is by email or by calling the Code Enforcement hotline at 305.792.1760. Active good citizenship is the cornerstone of a solid community.