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A Message from the Mayor: Election Year

By Larisa Svechin, Mayor

(Friday,March 1, 2024) – 2024 is officially an election year, including both presidential and local elections. Considering this, I was moved by an essay written by high school student Natalie Carmouze, where she eloquently highlights the significance of voting. Here is an excerpt from her essay:

“Having the right to vote is a privilege not afforded to citizens in all countries. American citizens are some of the lucky ones who are granted the right to vote in this current time. Throughout history many have fought endlessly and lost their lives solely for the right to vote. They showed courage and great determination, inspiring those who come after them. The 15th amendment to our nation’s constitution was a preface to more changes to come that would change voting rights. Exercising this right allows individuals to contribute their opinion into the society they are living in and the government in which they live under. As history has shown, every vote counts. Whether that statement is seen in America with the electoral college or with a state law vote. Decisions can come down to one vote at times! This is why voting is so important.”

Registering to vote is a fundamental right. But you must be registered.

Who can register?

• All citizens of the United States who are at least 18 years old, though you can pre-register at 16
• County elections require you be a resident of Miami-Dade County
• Sunny Isles Beach elections require you be a resident of Sunny Isles Beach
• There is no length of time you must live in the county if you register at least 29 days before the election in which you wish to vote

Here are some important dates for the upcoming elections:

• March 7 – Deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot for the Presidential Preference Primary Election
• March 19 – Presidential Preference Primary Election
• July 22 – Deadline to register to vote for the Primary Election or change your party affiliation
• August 8 – Deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot for the Primary Election
• August 20 – Primary Election
• October 7 – Deadline to register to vote for the General Election
• October 24 – Deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot for General Election
• November 5 – General Election

Participate in democracy. I strongly encourage you to register and exercise your right to vote. Register to vote, update your information, or request a vote-by-mail ballot at elections. For more information on City of Sunny Isles Beach municipal elections, visit

Contact Mayor Larisa Svechin at or 305.792.1753.