Commissioner Lama, Commissioner Viscarra and Cultural & Community Services Director, Sylvia Flores at the Beach Cleanup

A Look Back at 2019 and the Importance of Public Participation

By Jeniffer Viscarra, Commissioner

(Monday, December 25, 2019) –  First and foremost, I want to wish all SIB residents a very happy holiday season and healthy new year. As I reflect on 2019, I am grateful for an interesting and rewarding first year as a city commissioner. Undoubtedly, there were challenges, but there was also the satisfaction of seeing residents engage and get a better understanding of some complicated issues. I hope you stay involved in 2020 and continue to distinguish the noise from the substance. Your public participation is essential to our community.

Public participation can take many forms. It can be as simple as joining a club or attending city activities. I, for one, bought my first canvas and explored my artistic side with some of our most creative residents in the SIB Oil Painting Club. In 2019, locals participated by supporting the SIB K-8 Children’s Fund’s first super raffle as well as St. Vincent D’Paul’s fall bazaar –  two very different initiatives serving the greater good.

Let’s not forget, we were fortunate to have a variety of entertainment in our own backyard, such as the Hispanic and Russian Heritage festivals, a Chinese Acrobats performance, and “teens only” activities. You are always welcome to participate by attending and providing your feedback to the city. Everyone can contribute in some way; our children certainly understand that. Beach cleanups, for example, would not be the same without them! Last but not least, a simple way to participate is to reach out to your mayor and commissioners. If you’ve never done it, consider this my open invitation. Hope to hear from you in 2020!

My email is and my phone number is 305.792.1750.