Traffic on Collins Avenue

Reckless or Responsible

By Larisa Svechin, Vice Mayor

(Monday, May 3, 2021) – We all have a choice when we start our vehicle. Will we be reckless or responsible? The choice we make may just be the difference between life and death. I choose to be responsible.

We often have a lot on our minds, but let us never forget about safety. The safety of our residents, especially our children and elderly, is vital to me. I have been working with key County and State decision makers, residents, and our City Manager to implement changes resulting in safer roads.

Many of you have noticed the increased police enforcement, which has led to safer driving behavior. Let’s keep up the momentum. Take responsibility and know that any distraction can be fatal. I urge residents to do the right thing whether you are in your car, on your bike, or crossing the street. The pedestrian is ALWAYS the priority and has the right of way. Be extra aware around school zones, shopping plazas, and parks—our most vulnerable residents are walking around these areas.

When turning at a light, you MUST wait for pedestrians to cross—DO NOT drive around them. Please do not honk your horn out of impatience—we are a community and must look after each other. If that means waiting for the next light, that is the small sacrifice to make for the sake of safety.

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