Mika Shevit with Sunny Isles Beach Commission
Mika Shevit is recognized at the April 2022 Commission Meeting

Remarkable Recognitions

By Alex Lama, Commissioner

(Friday, May 6, 2022) – It is with great pleasure and admiration that I bring attention to some great deeds and accomplishments by our own Sunny Isles Beach residents and employees.

Ocean Rescue Team:

On February 23, 2022, Louis and Douglas from our Ocean Rescue Team Tower #174 rescued a resident who was swimming in the ocean and caught in a rip current, which dragged her into the deep. She panicked, started to get tired and was becoming disoriented. Our fine ocean rescuers braved the waves and currents and pulled the resident to safety.

Mika Shevit:

Mika holds the record for most consecutive half marathons (13.1 miles) ran. As of this writing, he has ran 13.1 miles a day for 381 days in a row, and his progress is documented in the exercise app Strava. Mika started running to set an example for his kids to show them that we are stronger than we think.

Social Seniors:

The “Social Seniors” team from Alonzo and Tracy Mourning High School participated in the FTX Charity Hackathon, in which teens developed ideas that would improve mental
or physical health. The team presented an idea that would bring high school seniors and senior citizens together with the goal of promoting meaningful relationships, life skills and memories in order to improve mental health and wellness. The team, lead by 2019 MDCPS Teacher of the Year, Molly Winters Diallo, won $500,000 in seed money to develop their idea. Team members Anthony Vega, Lucas Caicedo, Andres Gonzalez and Michael McKenzie won $15,000 each in scholarship money.

Thank you very much for your tenacity, dedication and inspiration. Please keep doing what you do.

Contact Commissioner Alex Lama at seat2@sibfl.net or 305.792.1752.