Ocean Rescue Lifeguard Stand

Sun, Sand and Safety: Thanks to our Ocean Rescue Division

By Dwight P. Snyder, Police Chief

(Tuesday, February 26, 2019) – The City of Sunny Isles Beach is a community which offers many outstanding amenities to our residents and guests such as an abundance of parks, social activities and an outstanding quality of life for everyone. But the crown jewel of our community will always be our beach. Keeping our community safe is the top priority of our police department, and with regard to beach safety, this responsibility falls to the dedicated men and women of our Ocean Rescue Division.

Along the two miles of beautiful white sandy beach and clear ocean water, you will find 10 fully-staffed ocean rescue towers, evenly spaced along the entire beachfront for maximum coverage and visibility. Each tower is staffed and equipped with the latest rescue and first aid equipment, as well as an all-terrain vehicle, which is available to quickly respond to any beachside emergency.

Our Ocean Rescue lifeguards are well-trained and extremely dedicated to the safety of our beachgoers regardless of the weather or water conditions. Throughout the year they make countless rescues and thousands of preventions, which ultimately keeps our beach safe for all to enjoy. So, the next time you visit the beach, say thank you to a lifeguard. They are there for your safety!

Did you know?

Our Ocean Rescue lifeguards update our Current Beach Conditions webpage each morning. The next time you plan on heading to the beach, take a quick look at our beach conditions webpage to stay informed of the weather forecast, strong surf hazards, dangerous marine life and high and low tide times. You can also call for current beach conditions at 305.792.1940.