Traffic on Collins Avenue

Safety in Sunny Isles Beach

By Jerry Joseph, Commissioner

(Thursday, May 2, 2023) – Traffic safety is a number one priority in Sunny Isles Beach. At the April 18, 2024 Commission Workshop, I proposed for immediate action that our SIBPD and Parking Code Enforcement prioritize the elimination of FedEx, UPS, Amazon, Uber, and Lyft drivers from stopping or parking in the right lanes of Collins Avenue going north or south for deliveries or drop-offs. These lanes also serve as bicycle lanes, and when the lane is blocked by delivery vehicles, it dangerously forces bicyclists into the middle lanes. Every driver on Collins Avenue has experienced this type of blockage of the right lanes. I have asked the City Manager to contact these services to demand assistance and have involved County Officials and FDOT in this task.

Regarding scooter usage within Sunny Isles Beach, enforcement of our new Scooter Ordinance is now in full effect. SIBPD continues with its Helmet Giveaways and Scooter Registry drives. I ask all parents of children using scooters to please observe their use and emphasize safety, including adherence to stop signs, red lights and vehicle rights-of-ways. On a daily basis, I personally see so many instances of children and adults running stop signs and other unsafe practices. Courtesy of pedestrians by scooter riders and bicyclists on sidewalks is something that must be taught by parents and spoken about in our schools. Adults using these vehicles should already know to be considerate or should think it more.

Residents who want to actually see what Commissioners are doing for them can take the time to watch City Workshops at 3 p.m. every third Thursday of the month and Regular Commission Meetings starting at 6:30 p.m. on that same day, by personally being present at City Hall, on Cable TV Sunny Isles Beach Channel, the City website, or Sunny Isles Beach YouTube Commission meetings. You should watch the questions that each Commissioner asks on your behalf and how you are represented.

Contact Vice Mayor Jerry Joseph at or 305.792.1754.

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