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Knowing and Trusting the Word of People Voted into Office

By Jerry Joseph, Vice Mayor

(Thursday, October 5, 2023) – Residents are far more likely to form accurate impressions of a politician’s trustworthy characteristics if they get a chance to interact with them. When Residents can see that pledges have been met and public services are working well, they are more likely to believe that a certain politician can be trusted.

In political discourse, the temptation to manipulate truths for strategic gain is all too prevalent. Some politicians, and their allies, employ narrow perspectives, take statements out of context, cherry-pick data, edit videos to benefit their particular position, or rely on anecdotal evidence, all of which can distort the truth and mislead the public.

These deceptive practices are a direct assault on Good Faith and democracy. When Residents finally discover that this is occurring, the person responsible will be penalized by the smart voters whom have been deluged by the deceptive practices, emails and mailings.

As your Commissioner and Vice-Mayor, I have fulfilled every promise, that was within my ability to achieve. Anyone who knows me personally, or has met me, can vouch for my dedication to follow through on what I say and to put my full efforts into completing any task to the benefit of Sunny Isles Beach and all of its Residents.

Stay tuned as I have many more wonderful plans and ideas to promote in the coming years.

Contact Vice Mayor Jerry Joseph at or 305.792.1754.

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