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A Message from the Mayor: Fire Prevention

By Larisa Svechin, Mayor

(Thursday, October 5, 2023) – Sharing valuable information is of great importance to me, recognizing the scarcity of time in our busy lives. Many of us are concerned about inflation, insurance costs, and taking care of our families. I think we can agree that safety is paramount. Given October is Fire Prevention Month, I want to bring your attention to some critical resources Miami-Dade County provides to help you protect your home, and most importantly, your family and pets. Best part – it is free.

The County offers various options and programs, including safety resources for older adults, training on using a fire extinguisher, and developing an exit plan. However, prevention is key. Fires are often caused by unsafe behavior, either something we do or fail to do. While it is not deliberate, it is a result of not knowing.

Since most residents live in condo buildings, building managers should make general fire safety information available to employees and building occupants. Most fires are directly related to improper use of smoking materials, improper storage of flammable liquids, defective electrical appliances, overloading of electrical outlets and poor housekeeping.

Some basic rules to follow:

• Test smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries twice a year.

• Do not smoke in bed or while resting on a sofa.

• Refrain from smoking in no-smoking areas.

• Properly dispose of smoking materials.

• Contents of ashtrays should be wet before disposal.

• Properly dispose of rags and cleaning solutions.

• Maintain cooking appliances and prevent the accumulation of grease.

• Keep flammable materials stored in metal cabinets.

• Do not plug more than two electrical products into one electrical outlet. Turn off stoves and electrical appliances after use and NEVER leave them unattended.

• Keep maintenance and storage areas clean and free of trash, sawdust, wood shavings, oily rags and other hazards.

• Keep hallways and stairways clean. • Be sure EXIT signs are always lighted, and that emergency lighting is in working order.

• Never prop open emergency doors; fire doors not only allow people to exit but also prevent the spread of fire.

I urge you to take advantage of this free resource which can be accessed by filling out a form online or calling the Public Education Bureau at 786-331-4820.

Contact Mayor Larisa Svechin at or 305.792.1753.

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