Playground for young children at Samson Oceanfront Park

Behind the Scenes with the Parks Division

(Monday, June 24, 2019) – Residents may not be fully aware of the daily tasks required to keep things running smoothly in the City’s wonderful outdoor spaces, our 11 parks. These areas are maintained by a staff of 26, including administration, support staff and facility operation workers. 365 days a year, parks staff are the first ones in the and the last ones out, securing their zones, even during severe weather. They are on the front line of clean-up after a storm. The staff at each site have a two-fold job that ensures the safety of all patrons using the parks.

Our facility operation workers are the park patrol, the eyes and ears that prevent accidents. They enforce safe use of playgrounds and water features. The team also clears trash, monitors restroom conditions and reports any damage to City property. For the safety of all, they also close the parks when the Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System sounds one long blast. The second part of their job involves ongoing maintenance and repair of the park including artwork and sculptures, playground equipment, interactive water features, parking structures, elevators, restrooms, walkways, shade canopies and dog parks.

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