Bridging Our Community

By Isaac Aelion, Commissioner

(Wednesday, February 28, 2018) – Since the City’s inception back in 1997, the population of Sunny Isles Beach has almost doubled. In addition to this population increase, the commuting needs of our residents have also seen an increase.

To enhance pedestrian safety due to increased vehicular traffic, pedestrian bridges became undoubtedly necessary. To that end, the City has built an overpass pedestrian walkway connecting North Bay Road to Gateway Park. An additional pedestrian bridge has also been built with an emergency vehicular passage on North Bay Road from 174th Street to 172nd Street. In addition to these existing walkways, the City is in the planning stages of an overpass pedestrian bridge across Collins Avenue at the corner of 174th Street.

Sunny Isles Beach continues to be a very attractive destination for new residents and tourists alike, and we may see one or more pedestrian bridges crossing busy Collins Avenue in the future. Our City government is working hard to ensure the continued safety of our residents and improvement in infrastructure as our City continues its urbanization into the future.

The opening of the emergency pedestrian bridge on North Bay Road will create an alternative to Collins Avenue for pedestrians and cyclists to traverse 75 percent of our City. Sunny Isles Beach is well ahead of the curve as our City grows in keeping up with the principle that safety will not be compromised as the population continues to increase.