A Photo of the Beach Coastline in Sunny Isles Beach and the skyline that lines the coast.

A City That Keeps On Giving

By Isaac Aelion, Commissioner

(June 29, 2016) – Everyone is familiar with the expression “a gift that keeps on giving“. Well, I like to think that we are a City that keeps on giving to our residents. The City of Sunny Isles Beach which measures only 1.25 square miles in size and has today a population of 21,962 residents, will soon be able to add another park with a stage to the current 10 parks in the City. This new addition will be the third park with a stage, which means that more events will be added to the already busy public events scheduled throughout the year. The Cultural & Community Services Department of the City is seasonally adjusting its public events programming as a result of community feedback which it receives throughout the year.

Just think about it. Where else in the world can a community boast of life by the beach, a community school of excellence, state of the art events programming, feeling safe to walk around at three in the morning because of one of the best police departments around, and to top it all off, food flavors from around the world at our local restaurants.

Living in Sunny Isles Beach is truly a gift that keeps on giving.