Photo of the 174th Street Project.
A few finishing touches remain to be added to the 174th Street Project, including checking utilities, installing decorative crosswalks, and replacing speedbumps.

City Projects Resume After Holiday Break

By Jeanette Gatto, Commissioner

(Thursday, January 26, 2017) – It’s time to welcome back our snowbirds and tourists from across the globe that choose our City as a vacation destination. The City decided to limit ongoing construction during the school break; so the week before Christmas we made the decision to cease work on Samson Park, the pedestrian / emergency bridge, the 172 Street Drainage project, the Collins Avenue undergrounding project and the Gateway pedestrian overpass. We also opened 174 Street for the holidays, even though the project is not fully completed. There is more work to be done such as checking utilities, installing decorative crosswalks and replacing speed bumps. This may require patches of excavation but it is necessary before final pavement.

From a beautification standpoint, the City installed large Silver palms, Date palms and smaller Phenix palms. There are over 8,000 shrubs placed and 2,250 pink begonias on the bullnoses, which will be rotated 3 times a year. Finally we have installed an automatic irrigation system with rain sensors, to maximize water efficiency. To all the residents of Winston Towers we thank you for being so patient with this project.

I wish each of you a very Happy and Healthy New year!