Condominiums in Sunny Isles Beach

An Elevator Service Alert For All Hi-Rise Condo Owners

By Jerry Joseph, Commissioner

(August 3, 2022) – Recently I was contacted by a pregnant hi-rise condominium owner who was asking for assistance regarding repeated and daily service issues with the freight and passenger elevators in her building, causing pregnant, elderly and infirm residents to continually get stuck in faulty elevators or to walk up numerous flights of stairs. I told the resident that elevator inspections and maintenance issues come under Miami-Dade County supervision and I promptly contacted Commissioner Sally Heyman’s office where the professionalism and concern for the issues at hand exceeded my expectations. 

Inspections of the building elevators were immediately undertaken finding expired certifications and old equipment for which parts were not readily available. It was determined that management was not properly maintaining the aged elevators in a safe manner, and playing a shell game to keep the outdated elevators running. Miami-Dade County took steps to force management to ensure the replacement of equipment where necessary. 

Any Sunny Isles Beach resident having similar elevator problems in their hi-rise should freely contact me for immediate assistance. Being an advocate for the residents of Sunny Isles Beach and to take on previously unaddressed issues that concern resident safety, speeding, noise control, smoke-free outdoor dining, park expansion and revision, and Biscayne Bay pollution causing beach closures, is why I ran to be your Commissioner, and I can be depended upon to work tirelessly for everyone. 

Contact Commissioner Jerry Joseph at or 305.792.1754.