Photo of the cars at the SIB Farmers Market and Car Show from June 2015.

A Few of my Favorite Things: Farmers Market & Classic Car Show

By Jeanette Gatto, Vice Mayor

(March 1, 2016) – It should be no surprise that the Farmer’s Market/Classic Car Show is one of the City’s most popular events and a personal favorite of mine. I love spending the day at beautiful Heritage Park where the most difficult decision to make is how much fresh produce I am willing to carry back to the car. The produce is straight from farms and orchards, and many selections are 100% organic. Last time, I filled my bags with the sweetest blueberries I’ve ever tasted, the most succulent plums I’ve ever eaten and some incredible sweet potatoes. But there’s more.

Along the periphery of the park is an amazing exhibit of classic cars. It is so much fun to have the opportunity to step back in time and enjoy one of America’s passions. I chatted up the friendly owner of a 1964 Cadillac with all the bells and whistles, who was kind enough to let me sit behind the wheel and enjoy a sense of luxury that doesn’t exist today. That car represents the days when a car fit seven people comfortably and parking spaces were large enough to fit a small boat. I think people really enjoy reminiscing about “the good old days”, and it’s a lot of fun to see both young and old enjoy the cars. The next Farmer’s Market/Classic Car Show will be held on Saturday, May 14th. Don’t miss it!