Knowledge is Power

By Jeanette Gatto, Vice Mayor

(April 14, 2015)Would you ever consider making an important decision, such as purchasing a home or a car, without first researching all the options available to you? Probably not. Gathering information through research will most likely be your first step. Research plays an important role in the decision-making process. It also helps to create new ideas, solve problems and encourage change.

Since the City of Sunny Isles Beach has seen many changes over the years, the City staff decided to host a series of focus group sessions in order to learn more about who our residents are and what their opinions were on various programs offered by the City. Several residents volunteered to participate by filling out a survey.

So far 64 surveys were completed, with the majority of the respondents being female, over 65 years of age and retired. That was no surprise since Sunny Isles Beach historically has a large, active senior population who participate in many programs the City has to offer. However, we know that there is a much broader group out there who we would like to hear from as well. Because research results are only as good as the respondents who participate, it’s really important for us to hear back from the broadest range of residents as possible. For example, some of the questions refer to programs for children; so we would like to hear from parents.

In order to obtain the largest amount of respondents of our survey, the City’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to participate. The City will email the survey to Resident ID card holders who can then respond online. Additionally, the City will post the survey on its website (, providing an alternative way to participate online. Everyone benefits from the results of the survey since it gives our residents an opportunity to voice their opinions and it provides the City with valuable data that can be used to tailor events and programs accordingly.

A research study of this kind has never been done before. Therefore, I would like to urge everyone to please take a few moments to participate in the survey. I speak for the entire City Commission when I say that we are truly interested in hearing your thoughts, ideas and opinions in order to serve you better.

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