Man and woman riding their in Sunny Isles Beach.

New Sunny Isles Beach Resident ID Card Requirements

(Tuesday, June 27, 2017)For the past few years a growing number of residents have become less tolerant of those that are awarded the same benefits as them without actually living here. Many ideas have been suggested and vetted. Best practices were researched. No plan is perfect and all of them will upset those that are trying to scam the system. We have noticed though that the people who legitimately reside in Sunny Isles Beach are cooperative, patient and agreeable to the extra level of scrutiny we now require to receive a Sunny Isles Beach Resident Identification Card. Yes, the process is arduous but it is thorough and brings more value to this free card.

Effective July 1, 2017, there will be new and stricter requirements for obtaining your SIB Resident ID Card. New guidelines can be viewed at A new card is required for all program registrations that you wish to receive the resident benefit. This includes everything from Golden Era Movies to Summer Camp, Soccer to Walking Club, and your Pelican Community Park membership registration. Don’t wait until you want to participate in a program. Visit Pelican Community Park to register for your new card. The screening process takes one week or less but it is definitely worth the wait. Your Sunny Isles Beach neighbors will thank you for it!