Our Legacy

By Commissioner Isaac Aelion

(January 26, 2016) – On a macro level, the ancient Egyptian and Roman Empires which were ruled through several dynasties by Kings and Emperors left a legacy of structures which are admired to this very day as symbols of greatness. As recently as this past century, major cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, and New York, have erected landmark structures to be revered by future generations.
Sunny Isles, which was for more than half a century known as an extension of Miami Beach, has in recent times become a very sought after destination due to the development of very attractive architectural structures and unparalleled community living.

This transformation has been so successful, that whenever and wherever one makes reference to Sunny Isles Beach, immediately, feelings of a very special place with its uniqueness, fill the mind. Indeed there is no other place like it today anywhere on the east or west coasts of the United States.

The future legacy of the City of Sunny Isles Beach has been cemented and will always be remembered as this attractive place and beach destination with its world-renowned unique architecture.

Commissioner Aelion can be reached at 305.792.1700.