Golden Shores Park

Behind the Scenes with the Parks Division

(Monday, December 30, 2019) – The Parks Division oversees maintenance of the City’s 11 parks. This division, with 25 employees, operates seven days a week, 14 hours per day, to ensure that these recreational spaces are available for our residents and visitors.

Last summer, we conducted a survey to gather input from residents about areas of concern and needed improvements to learn what we are doing well and what
we need to work on. We were pleased to receive almost 500 responses from users of each of our different parks. We received many suggestions along with feedback on current operations. Below are some of the most common suggestions we are working to address within this coming year:

  • More shade
    • We recently planted additional trees at Intracoastal Parks with more planned throughout the city.
  • More light in the evenings
    • We installed additional lighting at Town Center Park and Senator Gwen Margolis Park, and continue to assess and improve as needed.
  • Ability for kids to ride bikes and roller skate
    • We initiated Bike Day at Gateway Park weekly, on Tuesdays, from 4:00–8:00 pm. Children under 12 with safety gear are welcome to practice their bike riding and roller skating.

We always welcome input from our residents and visitors to ensure your quality of life exceeds expectations. Follow updates in our parks division at