Entrance to Norman S. Edelcup k-8 School.

Proud to be at NSE SIB K-8

By Dr. Annette Weissman, Principal

(Tuesday, October 24, 2015) – Please excuse me if I appear to be strutting like a peacock, but I am just so proud of our students and teachers that I can’t contain myself! After much publicity, the scores from last spring’s Florida Standards Assessment test were released this month and once again, NSE SIB K-8 rocked the test! The State legislature is still reviewing the results and determining formulas for interpreting the data, but the Region has published lists that place NSE SIB K-8 in the top five schools in reading and math. In Grades 6, 7, and 8 math as well as Algebra and Geometry, we ranked first!

This year, the testing data and guidelines have been a topic of discussion in your homes, in our schools and in our legislature. Later this year, we will host a meeting for parents and explain what the test measures and what the scores actually mean. But today I want to ensure that parents understand that NSE SIB K-8 is not just about preparing students for a test. Our commitment is to the development of a well-rounded student who is prepared to compete in a global economy. And so, in addition to high academic standards, we provide students with enrichment programs in the fine arts, enter numerous writing and art contests, mathematics and science competitions and provide opportunities for giving back to the community through charitable projects. Over the years, we have been very successful in these areas as well. Our students have earned entry into state competitions in science and math, have won first place in writing and art contests and have garnered recognition for their participation in local charitable projects collecting money, shoes and cereal for various initiatives.

So I am strutting like a peacock and I am saying thank you to the community that partners with us every step of the way. We have a safe school thanks to the SIB Police Department; a well landscaped school thanks to the City of SIB; a technology rich school thanks to the SIB K-8 Community School Fund; involved parents thanks to a dedicated PTSA with its loyal board and extensive membership. Together we have made a difference in the lives of our students.

So now we ask, “What does the future have in store for NSE SIB K-8?” For sure, more of the same! More teachers teaching and motivating students to excel! More projects and more community involvement! More contests and more winners! But also some new things will be introduced. New teachers have been hired, new books have been purchased, new computers will be ordered, new talent will be discovered and new challenges will be overcome. Every day is unique as we focus on our goals and our mission. But I fully expect to be strutting down Collins Avenue with my plume of feathers spread far and wide as we strive for excellence.