NSE SIB K-8 School

Update From Commissioner Svechin on School Address Verification Initiative

By Larisa Svechin, Commissioner

(Monday, October 30, 2017) – Winter is a time for days off of school, travel, and visiting with family. It is a time for welcoming tourists and friends. Reflecting on 2017, I asked residents what interests them. Unanimously, they asked for an update on the City-sponsored, school address verification initiative. Our community school is crowded; so much so, that even non-residents avoid our city between 1:50-3:25 pm, at dismissal. Many of our resident children walk or bike to school. Conversely, those that do not live in the City must drive.

This is where address verification becomes a necessity. The community school, working with the city manager’s office, has provided regular updates and I am pleased with the progress to date. Despite not yet feeling the impact on the roads and in the classrooms, the process is working. Persons wholly dedicated to this progression are making home visits and triple checking paperwork. This has been somewhat frustrating for actual resident parents and your cooperation is appreciated. We must be thorough, and leave no stone unturned.

While we love visitors who enjoy the beach, local restaurants, hotels, and City events, our school is for SIB kids first. Our children deserve classrooms that are not overcrowded, aftercare and sports programs that are not sold out, and resources that are not overextended. And all of us deserve to drive around the City without being caught in school traffic.