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SIBeHealthy Programs

SIBeHealthy programs are available to individuals ages 55 and up for a small fee either monthly or per drop-in class.

  • Residents: $10/month or $3/drop-in class
  • Non-Residents: $20/month or $5/drop-in class

Residents who are 62+ and have a valid City-issued SIB Resident ID Card can register for two free eligible programs a month. This means that if you qualify, you can sign up for any combination of two SIBeHealthy programs, such as Chair Yoga on Tuesdays or Low Impact Aerobics on Mondays and Tai Chi on Fridays. With the array of options available, you will find many opportunities to meet your schedule and fitness needs. Any additional programs that you are interested in beyond the two free programs, would be at the above rates.

To sign up for your free SIBeHealthy programs, you must register in person at Gateway Center or the SIB Government Center, or you may call 305.792.1706Note: If you register online, you will be required to pay for the sessions.

Available programs vary by season. To view the latest offerings, read the latest edition of Sunny Isles Beach Live & Play Magazine or visit