Cleaning storm drains

Storm Drain Cleaning

(Friday, March 26, 2021) – The City of Sunny Isles Beach is gearing up for the Florida rainy season. You may see EnviroWaste trucks around the city cleaning and clearing out storm drains. The cleaning process consists of pumping water from the drains, filtering it of waste, and returning the clean water to the drains. Sunny Isles Beach has 170 manholes, 390 catch basins and 50 wells, all which require debris removal and cleaning to mitigate flooding from heavy rain events.

EnviroWaste began cleaning on Wednesday, March 24 and will continue to work over the next couple of months. Work will begin at the north end of the city and move south.

Storm drain systems can routinely get clogged with mud, sticks, cigarette butts, trash and other objects that find their way through the grates and into the storm drain system. When a storm drain gets clogged with debris and garbage, it can backup during heavy rainstorms and flood our streets.

Storm drain cleaning is not only important to alleviate localized street flooding, but also reduces the amount of debris and siltation that enters our waterways. Water entering storm drains, unlike water entering sanitary sewers, does not get treated before entering our major waterways. Everything that goes into storms drains impacts our oceans, canals and bays.

What You Can Do to Help

  • Dispose of your items properly. Recycle paper, cans, cardboard, cartons, and bottles when possible.
  •  Keep dumpsters covered and dumpster areas free from litter and debris.
  • Keep dumpsters clean and check regularly for leaks.
  • Dispose of chemicals, detergents and automotive fluids according to container & local laws. Use eco-friendly products.
  • Compost or bag organic waste, lawn, leaves and garden clippings.
  • Pick up after your pet. Discard pet waste appropriately.
  • Use a commercial car wash instead of washing your car at home. If you must wash at home, use biodegradable, phosphate-free, water-based cleaners.  Empty wash buckets into sinks or toilets where water ends up getting treated, do not empty into storm drains.
  • Use organic lawn chemicals and apply products sparingly.

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