Photo of a woman using a soofa smart bench.

Sunny Isles Beach Mayor George “Bud” Scholl Announces Technology Initiatives

(February 17, 2016)Mayor George “Bud” Scholl of Sunny Isles Beach wants the City to be on the cutting edge as new technologies and conveniences come on the market. The first item of the new “Mayor’s Technology Initiatives” (upgrades that give residents access to the latest and greatest technology) is a “Soofa Bench”, a solar electric powered charging station equipped with Universal Serial Bus (USB) outlets.

The “Soofa Bench” will provide power to electronic devices while people are in the park taking advantage of the free Wireless Internet (WiFi) offered by the City. A Boston based company developed the “Soofa Bench”, a solar electric outdoor charging station equipped with usb connections. Using the abundant Florida sunshine, the bench will convert solar to electrical power, at no cost except the initial investment of purchasing the equipment. A user only has to plug into the usb connection to maintain a charge on their device. These solar electric benches will be installed at ten locations in Gateway Park, Heritage Park, Pelican Community Park, and Town Center Park.

The benches and other technology initiatives coming to the City are a result of brainstorming initiated by Mayor Scholl, who says, “I met with our City Manager and Chief Information Officer and asked them to get their staffs together and come up with their ten best ideas for the use of technology to make our residents lives easier and the city to run more efficiently. They came up with some great ideas like sensors on our buses so arrival times can be tracked and displayed at the bus stop, on your phone or over the internet.” Watch for other tech initiatives, which will be put in place around the City in the near future.

For information about all offerings from the City go to the official City website at, watch SIBTV, read the Living Magazine & the Islander mailer, or follow the City on Twitter & Instagram (@CityofSIB), and on Facebook (City of Sunny Isles Beach). For inquiries regarding technologies, programs or events please contact Cultural and Community Services at 305.792.1706.