Utility Line Undergrounding Capital Project.

Utility Line Undergrounding Project Update: Work Currently Taking Place Between 191st Street – 175th Terrace

(Tuesday, May 23, 2017)Phase 2 of the Utility Line Undergrounding Project is underway in Sunny Isles Beach. Work will progress from the north end of the City from 191st Street to 175th Terrace for approximately the next 10 months. Construction for this phase of the undergrounding project will take place during the day time hours.

Initial work involves 189th, 186th, and 185th streets from Collins Avenue to Atlantic Boulevard. Only one street will be affected at a time, always leaving two accesses open to the Golden Shores neighborhood. Following, work will continue south from 191st Street.

Once school dismisses, on approximately June 12, work will be temporarily halted on the north end and moved to 183rd and Atlantic Blvd, proceeding south to 178th Street, and then returning to the north end once the school area is complete.

What is the Utility Line Undergrounding Project?

The Collins Avenue Utility Line Undergrounding Project is of vital importance to our beautiful, and fast growing City. The goal is to install above-ground utilities into underground conduits. The reason for this is to harden our infrastructure against hurricanes and other disasters, while beautifying and improving our streetscape. It has been a plan for this City since 2000, and will be accomplished in phases over the next two and a half years.

During this project, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will begin a repaving project on Collins Avenue to rectify the patchwork which is currently in place.

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