Ocean Rescue lifeguard driving ATV

Behind the Scenes with Ocean Rescue: Water Safety Month

(Friday, April 26, 2019) – The City’s Ocean Rescue Division protects beachgoers 365 days a year. During Water Safety Month in May, be sure to visit one of the ten lifeguard towers to view the informational boards. The boards are updated daily with air and water temperatures, high and low tides, wind speed and direction, the UV Index, the time of sunset, and potential risk to swimmers.

Also, take note of the flags flying at each tower indicating the hazard level in the ocean, usually relating to water current or wave action. The universal meanings are:

  • Green for low hazard – little current or wave action
  • Yellow for caution – medium current or wave action
  • Red for a high hazard – strong currents or waves
  • Purple for dangerous marine life

Double red flags indicate a beach closure, meaning the danger is too great for swimmers to enter the water due to rip current, high waves, dangerous marine life or contamination.

Our Ocean Rescue Division will set up a water safety informational tent at lifeguard tower #174 (17425 Collins Ave.). Stop by from 10 am – 12:30 pm on May 23, 24, 28, 29 or 30 to pick up some tips on how to stay safe while enjoying the beach.

Before heading to the beach, check current conditions online at sibfl.net/current-beach-conditions or by calling 305.792.1940.