Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach K-8 School

Access to our school and children is a privilege, not a right

By Fabiola Stuyvesant, Commissioner

(Monday, April 8, 2024) – Shouldn’t the privilege to operate in our schools come with parents’ fundamental financial oversight RIGHTS?

According to MDCPS Policy, the PTSA is an allied organization that can operate in the school at the “discretion of the principal”. Florida Statute 1014.05.10 states the right of a parent to participate in parent-teacher associations; and organizations that are SANCTIONED by a district school board or the Department of Education.

MDCPS policy 9210 states in parts: The School Board supports ALL organizations of parents whose objectives are to promote the educational experiences of District students. In using the name of the District or its schools and in organizing a group whose identity derives from a school of this District, a parental organization SHARES RESPONSIBILITY WITH THIS BOARD for the welfare of participating students. The Board will not tolerate any undue pressure, harassment, or intimidation designed to coerce parents or teachers into membership in any organization.

MDCPS policy 9211 states in part: Each group [PTSA] will submit its bylaws to the Principal for review and APPROVAL. ALL ACTIVITIES MUST BE APPROVED BY THE PRINCIPAL. Retaliation for engaging in a protected activity is also prohibited.

SIBPTSA K-8 Bylaws Article IV.h states: All charges [expenses] MUST adhere to the budget adopted by the Association. Any charges NOT APPROVED BY THE BUDGET, must be approved by the membership PRIOR to the payment.

In Miami-Dade County, although the School Board may make suggestions regarding PTSA’s financial controls, the PTSA has the ultimate authority to decide and implement its own financial practices. There is no apparent oversight, hence a lack of financial transparency and accountability.

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