Human Resources Department

Behind the Scenes with Human Resources

(Tuesday, July 30, 2019) – The City’s Human Resources Department has a two-fold role. The department oversees personnel functions and handles risk management.

With regards to personnel, Human Resources acts in an advisory capacity to all City departments for employee relations, investigations, and the resolution of employee complaints. The department also directs recruitment and selection, pre-employment physicals and skill tests, unemployment compensation, benefits, training and job classification for new and current employees.

The department organizes for employees a yearly health fair, health screenings, quarterly team-building activities, safety & technology seminars, and service awards. It produces a monthly employee newsletter containing important reminders, special recognition awards and employee shares.

In the risk management area, the department ensures that the City keeps adequate insurance coverage for accidents or unforeseen circumstances; processes insurance claims and assists insurance carriers with claim investigations. This includes employee claims, safety programs and training. In addition, the department is responsible for all facets of the City’s property, liability, auto, and workers’ compensation insurance programs.


• 283 total employees

• 93 employees with more than 10 years

• 5,175 average job applications received per year