Aerial view of Sunny Isles Beach

Beware of Power with Impunity

By Fabiola Stuyvesant, Commissioner

(Monday, October 10, 2022) – More than 95% of our Sunny Isles Beach residents live in a homeowner’s or condominium association. The idea behind this type of community is to work together for the common good. However, sometimes this idyllic motivation can get tarnished by personal ones. In Florida, condo associations have almost “almighty” powers over owners and residents. Some associations can even impose special assessments without the vote or consent of unit owners.

There are reports of intimidation, selective enforcement, harassment, shady elections of directors and many other cases of abuse. The abuse is committed in a climate of complete IMPUNITY. The incompetence and negligence of FIDUCIARY duty by these associations is unfathomable. “The problem isn’t the abuse of power – it’s to have the power to abuse.”

As an elected official, protecting our residents is my priority. I would continue the outstanding job of our Mayor in advocating for changes in the legislation to guard the “unprotected,” meaning homeowners and residents that are under the grotesque control of rogue associations.

We deserve associations we can trust, and we can’t trust it until its behavior merits trust – until it’s unbiased and transparent in the way it enforces the law.

A community can only properly flourish when its people feel that they and their properties are safe.

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