An aerial view of Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach with "Road Work Ahead" Sign superimposed on Top.

Bumpy Collins Avenue: A Little Sacrifice for a Safer Future

By Commissioner Isaac Aelion

(Saturday, November 5, 2016) – A few months ago our City commuters had noticed that Collins Avenue began to have a two-tone asphalt look with bumpy areas along the roadway. This is a result of the undergrounding project of the power lines along the avenue.

Everyone remembers what happened when Hurricane Wilma hit our area 11 years ago. It caused many downed power lines which dangerously exposed residents trying to walk outside or driving around, to possible serious bodily injury. This project is well underway and on schedule. Immediately following the completion of this phase of the project, anticipated for April 2017, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), will commence their year-long work to upgrade signalization and crosswalks, and resurface the whole of Collins Avenue, from the entrance to the City in the south end, all the way to the northern boundary at the entrance to the City of Golden Beach.

Upon completion of the FDOT work and the transfer of all of the utility lines of the new underground conduit, the sidewalks on the east side of Collins Avenue will also be upgraded to match the completed west sidewalk of the avenue. Once the resurfacing and sidewalk upgrades are completed, it will once again be pleasurable and safer to drive along the avenue which is the main vehicular artery within Sunny Isles Beach.

Commissioner Aelion can be reached at 305.792.1700.