Former Mayor Scholl

IMPORTANT: Message from the Mayor

Message from the Mayor

(Thursday, August 8, 2019) –  We heard you! On August 28, 2019 at 6:00 pm there will be a Special Commission Meeting in the Sunny Isles Beach Commission Chambers to vote upon a proposed building moratorium in the Town Center District. A building moratorium automatically stops any new development project. During the moratorium, we will find an acceptable solution to …

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Pedestrian Safety, Distracted Driving & House Bill No. 107

Aerial view of Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor (Tuesday, July 30, 2019) – We discuss pedestrian safety frequently here in Sunny Isles Beach warning about the perils of distracted driving. This is because the issue is at the forefront of our Commission and City goals. Through the implementation of the Transportation Master Plan in 2016 and additional City actions, we have made significant …

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Important: Message from the Mayor

Message from the Mayor

(Wednesday, July 24, 2019) Residents & Property Owners of Sunny Isles Beach, If you watched our last Commission Meeting, you will know there was a great deal of opposition to the City’s proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment. The actual details of the proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment resulted in a tremendous amount of confusion and misinformation. To be clear, there is no …

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Enjoy Sunny Isles Beach Parks During Park & Recreation Month

boy swinging on a swing at Town Center Park

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor (Monday, June 24, 2019) – July is Park and Recreation Month and I challenge our residents to take a break from the screens and get outside. Summer is the ideal time to sample a new sport or class and play at a new park. With one of our 11 parks within walking distance of 98 …

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Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Small sea turtle hatchling on the beach.

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor (Friday, May 24, 2019) – When asked what our City’s most notable landmark is, I, along with most of you, would identify the beach. We bask in year-round sun and sea along our picturesque coastline. But residents and visitors of Sunny Isles Beach are not the only individuals who enjoy the haven the beach offers. …

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From the Mayor: Being Prepared this Hurricane Season

Lightning flashes in the sky during a storm over Sunny Isles Beach

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor (Tuesday, May 14, 2019) – June 1 marks the first day of the 2019 hurricane season. No one ever wishes for a natural disaster to impact their home, but we must be prepared. And the City of Sunny Isles Beach is. Though living on a coastal barrier island provides us year-round recreation, this also makes …

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Strengthening Ties with Our Sister City Hengchun Taiwan

Sunny Isles Beach officials re-sign Sister City Agreement with Hengchun Taiwan

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor (Saturday, April 27, 2019) – Over my many years in public office, I had the privilege of being hosted at all of our Sister Cities with the exception of Hengchun. Well, that changed last month when our commission accepted an invitation to Taiwan for a Sister City visit and agreement signing. Attending from our city …

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Remembering Former Commissioner Roslyn Brezin

Former Commissioner Roslyn Brezin

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor (Tuesday, March 25, 2019) – It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to former City Commissioner Roslyn Brezin who passed away in February. As a resident of Sunny Isles Beach for nearly 50 years, Roslyn was one of the City’s strongest advocates. Roz was my role model on a number of fronts. …

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State of the City 2019

State of the City Address 2019 - Mayor George "Bud" Scholl

By George “Bud” Scholl, Mayor (Friday, January 25, 2019) – Citizens of Sunny Isles Beach, I am pleased to present the 2019 State of the City address. First, I would like to convey how humbled I am by your faith and confidence in the office of the Mayor, which was demonstrated by my reelection without opposition this past November. Thank you …

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