Code Compliance & Citizen Safety

By Christopher J. Russo, Former City Manager

(February 1, 2016) – Code Compliance plays a vital role in maintaining our City’s world class standards. Deputy City Manager Stan Morris oversees our Code Compliance division, which is responsible for ensuring that all City, County, and State codes are adhered to in order to achieve the highest standards of safety and welfare for our community. They prefer compliance over citation issuance and use a method of notices and warnings to achieve that.

Below is an important message from Former Deputy City Manager, Stan Morris.

The safety of our residents is a matter of great importance to the City of Sunny Isles Beach. This is one of the reasons we have top-notch police and fire departments that are able to assist our residents with a variety of issues, not the least of which is emergency situations.

There is an easy way to help us help you. Post your house address numbers. It is something that is simple, required by code, and sometimes overlooked by property owners. According to the City of Sunny Isles Beach Code of Ordinances, 265-53, address numbers should be posted conspicuously, residential unit numbers must be at least 4” (four) inches high, and should be clearly legible. Many residents don’t know that this code was expanded to include vacant lots, construction sites, and waterways. The posting of numbers does not require a permit.

In the past, we had a complaint of suspicious activity near the waterway behind one of our residences. We immediately dispatched our police boat to investigate. As you can imagine, it is difficult from the water to tell the address of a property. Posting your numbers will help us to identify you, especially if you should need police or fire services.

By land or water, we are responsible for your safety, and we consider the safety and care of our residents our number one priority. Please help us help you by posting your numbers conspicuously both toward the street as well as on the waterside where applicable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Code Compliance Department at 305.792.1760. We can also have a Code Officer visit your home and suggest the best place to install your home address numbers.