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New Streetlights in Sunny Isles Beach

Biker rides down the street in Golden Shores under the light of the new streetlights.

By Christopher J. Russo, City Manager (Friday, November 5, 2021) – The Golden Shores Streetlighting project was recently completed in October. If you live or have been to the Golden Shores neighborhood in the past few weeks, you should have seen the new lights illuminating the streets at night. The installation of 130 streetlights marks a milestone in the Golden …

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Budget Message for the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year

Budget Message Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Office of the City Manager

By Christopher J. Russo, City Manager In accordance with article IV Section 4.5 of the charter of the City of Sunny Isles Beach, and under an unprecedented second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the continued efforts of our hard-working staff, I am proud to submit the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2021-2022. Who would have thought that …

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Reflecting on 25 Years of Progress and Looking Toward the Future

View of Sunny Isles Beach skyline and Golden Shores neighborhood.

By Christopher J. Russo, City Manager (Wednesday, September 1, 2021) – Many of our residents have lived in Sunny Isles Beach before it was officially incorporated in 1997. To say that our city looks nothing like it did nearly 25 years ago would be an understatement. The first time I visited SIB was when I interviewed for City Manager back …

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Update on the Special Building Inspections Program

Aerial view of Sunny Isles Beach

By Christopher J. Russo, City Manager (Friday, August 6, 2021) – By now, most of our residents know that the Building Department initiated a Special Inspection Program at the end of June in response to the Surfside building collapse. This program allows our Building Department to assess each property built before 1982 and uncover any unexpected issues. Just as important, …

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Update on Capital Projects

Gateway Center

By Christopher J. Russo, City Manager (Thursday, June 3, 2021) – Our most important capital projects have, for the most part, remained on track even though we scaled down some and delayed others due to the coronavirus pandemic. As we head into the summer season, I want to share some updates on our most prominent projects with you. Golden Shores …

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Connecting Our Community with a New Brand

Rebranding Sunny Isles Beach

By Christopher J. Russo, City Manager (Monday, May 3, 2021) – The City of Sunny Isles Beach is currently moving forward to the second phase of our rebranding project. I have been asked by some residents, ‘Why now?’ How did we decide that it was the right time to rebrand? Until recently, the City was still developing and figuring out …

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Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Initiatives in Sunny Isles Beach

Pedestrians crossing Collins Avenue using a crosswalk.

By Christopher J. Russo, City Manager (Thursday, April 1, 2021) – Given the nature of our roads, population, and location, traffic volume and congestion are inevitable. We can all agree that additional measures on the road better protect our community. I want to share what action the City is taking to make the streets of Sunny Isles Beach safer for …

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Latest Update on the Town Center North District

Test Image

By Christopher J. Russo, City Manager (Friday, February 26, 2021) – For the last two years, our City has been embroiled in a complex situation regarding the Town Center District and our Comprehensive Plan. I have received numerous inquiries from residents about this issue, development in the City and the false information that is spreading. It is important for me …

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Setting the Record Straight with City Manager Christopher J. Russo

Setting the Record Straight with City Manager Christopher J. Russo

Dear Residents, In response to some of the inquiries I have received regarding inaccurate and false information that has been spread via email blast by parties who are not affiliated with the City of Sunny Isles Beach, I am reaching out to set the record straight. These emails were NOT sent by your city administration. They were sent by outside …

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Speed Limit on Collins Avenue

Aerial view of Collins Avenue

By Christopher Russo, City Manager (December 29, 2020) – There has been a lot of discussion among the community regarding the speed limit on State Road A1A/Collins Avenue within our city limits. We have listened to the residents who brought their concerns to us that the current speed limit of 35 miles per hour is too high due to the …

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