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Important Update on Special Building Inspections

In response to the partial building collapse in Surfside, the Sunny Isles Beach Building Department has initiated a proactive inspection process for commercial and multi-family buildings built prior to 1982. Sunny Isles Beach has 59 properties that meet this criteria. Out of these structures, 39 have received their required recertification for continued occupancy and 20 are in different stages of compliance towards their recertification. Our Building Department has put together a list of the 59 commercial and multi-family buildings in Sunny Isles Beach that meet this criteria, along with the current progress of these inspections. This list will be updated weekly.

View List of Properties that Qualify for Special Inspection

As of June 28, 2021, our Building Department began conducting visual inspections to assess the condition of this group of buildings and look for unusual structural and/or electrical deficiencies in the structures. The department is also reviewing past inspection paperwork for each of the buildings. Once the inspection is complete, the Building Department will advise the property owner if they must contract with a Florida licensed professional engineer for further evaluation.  If they must, they will have 30 days to comply.  Residents should inquire with their condo or building management office if a notice was issued and to obtain a copy if that is the case.

The goal of these proactive measures is to have a better understanding of the current condition of these buildings and how we can mitigate any potential concerns.

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If you have any further questions, please contact the Building Department at 305.947.2150 or email