Vic-tor or Vic-tim

By Fabiola Stuyvesant, Commissioner

(September 10, 2022) – There is no denying that all choices come with consequences. As Newton would say, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In a world where deception and misinformation are the grotesque new normal, we must take a position and decide if we want to be victims or victors against rotten messages.

The difference lays on the VIC rule, where V is for vision – I is for intention – C is for courage.

A victor not only looks ahead but is capable of seeing; not only hears but listens. Her vision is another tool for her leadership. A victor’s intention is to inform and share the truth, her motivations are for the greater good of all. And a victor demonstrates her courage by standing against injustice and defeating the wannabes of misinformation. Victor is just another word for winner. Someone who “looks” past the noise, “hears” the sound and understands the call to action.

As William Boetcker says “Beware of ignorance when in motion; look out for inexperience when in action, and beware of the majority when mentally poisoned with misinformation, for collective ignorance does not become wisdom.”

I will add that repeated lies don’t become facts. So let’s be cautious when we come across emails and messages from delusional actors for “not everything that shines is gold.” Do not be upset when someone lies to you, be upset if you choose to believe the lies. Just remember Exodus 20:16 “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” So let’s be the victors of the truth and not the victims of stupidity.

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