Mayor Svechin

What’s the difference between SIB & NSE/SIB K-8 School

Aerial view of the NSE SIB K-8 School

By Vice Mayor Larisa Svechin & Commissioner Jeniffer Viscarra (Monday, June 24, 2019) – Throughout recent years, our small, close-knit community has become increasingly family-oriented. NSE/Sunny Isles Beach K-8, an A-rated school, is a significant factor of this shift in our community. This superior school has increased our property values and therefore attracted families from all over the world. It …

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Safety First

Sergeant Gonzalez handing safety materials to young girl.

By Larisa Svechin, Vice Mayor (Friday, April 26, 2019) – Safety is every parent’s priority. As a parent of four school-age children, I understand this first hand. Safety education and activism has turned into a passion for me. During this current and last legislative session, I have been advocating for legislation in Tallahassee and Washington DC, supporting distracted driving laws, …

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New Year, New Opportunity

Kids grouped together for picture for Breast Cancer Awareness event

By Larisa Svechin, Vice Mayor (Thursday, January 24, 2019) – Each New Year is an opportunity to live a more fulfilling life. It could be a commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, possibly becoming a volunteer or devoting more time to your family. It is sparked with an idea. Recently, my daughter was passionately writing an essay protesting smoking; the glint …

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Taking Action: A Safe and Secure School for our Children

Three police officers on the road overseeing children walking to school

By Larisa Svechin, Commissioner (Saturday, November 3, 2018) – As a parent of four school-age children, safety is my priority. After the tragedy that occurred in Parkland on February 14, 2018, where 17 students and staff members were killed, Florida passed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act. Here are some key points of the law: 1) raise …

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Unique, Brilliant, and Creative: Public Art Coming to SIB

Art piece by Valeria Yamamoto installed at Intracoastal Park in Sunny Isles Beach.

By Larisa Svechin, Commissioner (Monday, October 8, 2018) – Sunny Isles Beach is a magnificent world class destination. We are unique; with a plethora of nationalities, languages, ages, and interests. Nonetheless, we are still young, even now finding our vibe. There is inspiration everywhere you turn. From one end of the City to the other, on the east or west …

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Norman S. Edelcup / Sunny Isles Beach K-8 Turns 10

City officials stand in front of a ribbon during the Grand Opening of the NSE SIB K-8 School

By Larisa Svechin, Commissioner (Friday, April 27, 2018) – This June marks the 21st Anniversary of Sunny Isles Beach. We also celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our school, Norman S. Edelcup / Sunny Isles Beach K-8, the first school in our City. The history goes back more than 15 years. The vision and determination of local officials both in …

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Practicing Good Citizenship

Beach coastline and skyline on a clear day. Birds flying in the sky.

By Larisa Svechin, Commissioner (Friday, January 26, 2018) – As residents and visitors of this magnificent City, who take pleasure in the natural beauty, the parks, and amenities, it is incumbent on each of us to practice good citizenship. Civilly monitoring public areas, sharing valuable information, or picking up a piece of trash every day, are just some examples of …

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Update From Commissioner Svechin on School Address Verification Initiative

NSE SIB K-8 School

By Larisa Svechin, Commissioner (Monday, October 30, 2017) – Winter is a time for days off of school, travel, and visiting with family. It is a time for welcoming tourists and friends. Reflecting on 2017, I asked residents what interests them. Unanimously, they asked for an update on the City-sponsored, school address verification initiative. Our community school is crowded; so …

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Resident Volunteers Step Up to Clean Up

Volunteers standing outside in front of debris following Hurricane Irma.

By Larisa Svechin, Commissioner (Monday, October 2, 2017) – Sunny Isles Beach is profoundly diverse and unique. For many reasons, this is the only city I would live in. Yet, it was not until Hurricane Irma that I realized how true this statement is. As a community we proved what I suspected: that we are resilient yet patient, not perfect …

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Condo Reform Bill Passes

Photo of the Aron Neuman Moon over Sunny Isles Beach.

By Larisa Svechin, Commissioner (Sunday, June 4, 2017) – By and large, we are a City of condominiums. Sunny Isles Beach has more than 22,000 residents, including children, retirees, vacationers and snowbirds, In March, this Commission, Police Department, City staff, and the Mayor, met with Senator Rene Garcia, who was introducing a Condo Reform Bill, HB 1237. That bill has …

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